How will we remember this period of our lives? There are as many possibilities as sensations that flourished within us during the time in which we dreamt of other realities; the months we learnt we could travel with ourminds; that the walls around us—both literal and metaphorical—can be torn down; that art is a way of escapism and expression, and thus, an essential element of our existence. And so, we turn the spotlight to artists and an inevitable question arises: how did they experience it? Was their artistic practice a shelter, a burden, a salvation, a vehicle?

The Weil Art Exchange Foundation is pleased to present ‘Life during Covid cara B’, a collective exhibition showcasing the photographic work of 15 local and international artists, their common bond being the extraordinary circumstances of that moment. Conceived and executed during different lockdown periods between 2020 and 2021, these works were
relegated to a confined space by force—a rooftop in Palma, the countryside of a French village, a hotel room in the Cayman Islands, or an apartment in Paris. And what’s the purpose of art, then, if it can’t be seen? Taking these questions as a starting point, the display aims to explore the artistic languages reflected in the selection of photography created during a time of uncertainty. These images act as a unique testimony of each artist’s
experience, and they speak to us insofar as they awaken memories of a paradoxically exceptional moment: the time when we all experienced the same but in different ways—isolated but united in the same temporary space.

Based in New York, the Weil Art Exchange foundation was created during the pandemic in 2020 with the aim to give
artists a platform. Both the foundation and Studio Weil strive to initiate, nurture, and encourage dynamic and meaningful cultural dialogues in Mallorca by inviting international and local artists to develop their practice through residencies and grants.