Life during COVID

For its first photographic exhibition, Studio Weil seeks “Cara B” or the other side of Covid 19 photography. How did artists see Covid 19? With their creative energy how did they pass time? We hope to show their vision from this past year getting into their personal art during this pandemic. If Cara A showed us first hand results of the pandemic, Cara B hopes to dive into the soul of the artist showing us how they felt. 

Please submit your applications to Studio Weil with:

  • A selection of photographs that reflect and express your vision of the confinement or the world situation we have been facing for more than a year. (Maximum 15 pages). Please include the desired dimensions of each image or installation.
  • You may include a proposition of installation of your photography.
  • A text describing this proposal and your intentions (one page).
  • Curriculum vitae.

Timeline :

  • You can send your proposal until June 31 (included).
  • We will privately announce the selection of artists during the month of July.
  • Between July and August, we will work with the artists to define where and how to install their works.
  • The installation of the exhibition will begin on Monday, August 30. All artists are invited to bring their works and begin the installation on the same day.
  • The opening will be held during the afternoon-evening of September 3.

*According to current restrictions. The exhibition will be open until Sunday, October 31st.