“Studio Weil is a brave and remarkable structure and a fascinating example of creative synergy between two artists who, unknowingly, had shared something like a common approach to visual form long before Libeskind became news.”

The Guardian

Studio Weil is a painting and sculpture studio commissioned in 1998 by the American painter and sculptor Barbara Weil and designed by architect Daniel Libeskind.  Inaugurated in 2003, the architecture responds to the surrounding landscape, but also forms a space which complements and contrasts the artist’s work. Surrounded by a landscaped garden and terrace, the building houses three main exhibition spaces.

Inspired by Ramon Llull, Weil’s artwork and his own poetic innovation, Libeskind conceptualised an extraordinary design, a landmark nestled among the pines overlooking the sea in Port d’Andratx, Mallorca, Spain.

The studio takes the form of a concrete arc cut through with a pair of steep stairways. One leading up to a viewing point at the top of the building, the other down from a Weil sculpted terrace into the ground-floor gallery. The terrace and facade hold large scale sculptures, which can be seen from afar.