Poly-Resonant Jazz Experiment - 2006

Jazz at Studio Weil

Jazz at Studio Weil has always been an activity with a varied program. Barbara Weil supported the initiatives of her son, the musician Jimmy Weinstein. At the 2003 inauguration of the Studio, Jimmy’s trio performed the music of Ornette Coleman to honor the event and to applaud architect Daniel Libeskind, like Weinstein an ardent admirer of Coleman’s music. The initial idea was to produce special and experimental concerts or happenings outside of a conventional setting. In 2006/07, the series “A Poly- Resonant Jazz Experiment” was launched involving world renowned avant-garde musicians, Satoko Fujii, and Natsuki Tamura along with Jimmy and his wife, vocalist Lilly Santon. In 2012 Fujii returned to Studio Weil to improvise the soundtrack for the silent film Phantom of the Opera (1927). The film was projected onto the exterior wall of the building while the musicians improvised the score, which created a sublime encounter of art, film, music and architecture all in one setting. In collaboration with Mallorca Jazz Sa Pobla, the legendary jazz singers, Sheila Jordan (2017) and Jay Clayton (2018) performed. Starting in 2019 Jimmy and Lilly have produced Jazz y Más at Studio Weil, a series of concerts during the summer months.

Cecilia Gimenez con su proyecto Romeo - Agosto 2020

Jazz y Mas@Studio Weil 2022

Jazz y Mas@Studio Weil 2022

International Jazz Day 2022 at Studio Weil  April 30th

12:00 Miranda Jazz Combo

13:30 Fontin/Martin/Weinstein Trio + Guests Lilly Santon i Toni Miranda

Free Entrance



Mallorca is home to a growing number of creative young jazz musicians, as well as veterans of extraordinary talent. The goal is to create a program of music that is complemented by the surroundings while creating an absolute sublime listening experience. Following the success of previous years where performers included Toni Vaquer/Pep Garau sextet, Carme Canela and Toni Miranda among others, Jazz@Studio Weil proposes concerts on Wednesdays in July and August.