For Women Artists from the Balearic Islands

Studio Weil was originally created to host the work of Barbara Weil, and now in the wake of her passing and following her final wishes will become a center where other artists can share in her legacy. For this reason, the initiative Weil Art Exchange was created, a non-profit organization that, with the collaboration of William H. Donner Foundation Inc., has the mission of legitimizing and making known female artists from the Balearic Islands. Therefore this 2021 the prizes are launched.

The objective of the Barbara H. Weil Award for women artists from the Balearic Islands is to give visibility to emerging female artists, claiming the new proposals of women creators in contact with the islands, in order to disseminate and promoting contemporary artistic quality in the Balearic Islands.


To whom is it addressed? 

Women artists, born or resident in the Balearic Islands, minimum age 18 years can participate. 

How to participate? 

To participate you need to send a work dossier available in PDF format to that includes photos and relevant information about the works, a CV and information of the artist and contact details. Projects that are not sent to that email account will not be accepted.

Selection and Award Among the proposals received, the jury will choose between ten and twelve artists who will install one of their works at Studio Weil. The jury will base its judgment on the artist’s general dossier and not on a specific work, so the selected artists will be free to choose the work that will be exhibited at Studio Weil from August 2021. 

The Jury will be made up of art curators Anastasia Aukeman and Enrique Juncosa; artists Hugo Bastidas, Amparo Sard and Rachel Libeskind; gallerists Jessica Weinstein and Gracie Mansion and Elena Ruiz, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza.

Among those selected, the winning artist will receive an invitation for a ten-day stay in New York, which will include travel and subsistence. There you will have the opportunity to meet with various gallery owners and show their work, as well as visit the studio of various renowned artists residing in the city. The aim is for the winner to get to know the artistic culture of New York, one of the world’s centres of contemporary art, and to engage with the city’s artistic community.


The deadline to receive projects is July 1, 2021. The decision will be communicated before July 10. From that date, the artists will have ten calendar days to communicate which will be the work that each will exhibit at Studio Weil. The artists will be able to install their works in Studio Weil from August 5, 2021. The opening of the exhibition will be on August 10, 2021 until February 2022, subject to changes due to the current situation. The winner will be announced on August 27, 2021.

The artists participating in the exhibition will receive 200€ of fees. The artists will take care of the transport, assembly and dismantling of the work. Studio Weil avoids any responsibility for such processes. Works on display in the space may be on sale during the exhibition. Weil Art Exchange is a non-profit foundation, so Studio Weil does not act as an art gallery. For this reason, in case of sale, the management and profit will be entirely at the expense of the artist and/or the representative gallery. By submitting the proposals, the artists accept the terms of the project.



Weil Art Exchange is a non-profit Foundation and their mission is to promote cultural exchange by inviting international artists, musicians and performers to connect art, culture and creativity at Studio Weil in Spain and in North America.

The Weil Art Exchange offers international artists of various disciplines – visual arts, music, literature, architecture – an opportunity to build upon the creative synergy that Barbara Weil and Daniel Libeskind found and to provide a space for cultural exchange and dialogue.  This 2021 Weil Art Exchange has created the Barbara H. Weil Award for women artists from the Balearic Islands.