For Artists from the Balearic Islands

Studio Weil was originally created to host the work of Barbara Weil, and now in the wake of her passing and following her final wishes will become a center where other artists can share in her legacy. For this reason, the initiative Weil Art Exchange was created, a non-profit organization that, with the collaboration of Asociación Cultural Barbara Weil has the mission of legitimizing and making known artists from the Balearic Islands. Therefore this 2023 the prize is launched.

The objective of the Barbara H. Weil Award for artists from the Balearic Islands is to give visibility to emerging artists, claiming the new proposals of creators in contact with the islands, in order to disseminate and promoting contemporary artistic quality in the Balearic Islands.

Congratulations to the finalists for 2023!

Erola Arcalis
Mar Guerrero
Xim Llompart
Trevor Lloyd-Morgan
Florence de L’Olivier
Jazmin Luna
Magdalena Puigserver

Congratulations to Mar Guerrero for Jury Prize 2023!

Congratulations to Jazmin Luna for Public Prize 2023!

Project Financed by the CONSELL DE MALLORCA


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Directors: Charles Weinstein, James B. Weinstein, Magda Lenski
Coordination: Bartomeu Tomàs (NAT Projectes)
Text: Charles Weinstein, James Weinstein, Magda Lenski, Helena
Juncosa, Elena Ruiz
Graphic design: Marijo Ribas
Photographs: Simona Aru, Lua Oliver, Pep Bestard
Translations: Aina Conde
Impressed: Amadip Esment

This catalog contains the works selected in the 2021 and 2022 editions of the BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD, convened by the Barbara Weil Cultural Association.

Among both calls, 24 artists exhibited their latest work at Studio Weil. Of the selected 24 artists, two artists from Mallorca, Alba Suau and Isabel Servera, as absolute winners of the Barbara Weil Prize,  won the artistic residency scholarship in New York.

The catalog includes the texts of the curators of the two editions, Elena Ruiz and Helena Juncosa, along with the members of the jury of the award.



In order to foster creativity and bring art closer to the public, l’Associació Cultural Barbara H. Weil (ACBW) presents the 2023 BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD titled ART FOR CHANGE that will be governed in accordance with the following rules:

Aimed at:

1. The BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD 2023, ART FOR CHANGE is aimed at visual artists over 18 years of age, at the closing date of the call, linked to the Balearic Islands (born, resident or with any other link that must be accredited to the candidacy).

Conditions of participation:

2. The BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD 2023, ART FOR CHANGE is open to visual artistic proposals, of any format, that have as their theme global warming, climate change and their effects.

3. The artistic technique to be used will be of free choice. No allusion may be made to any trademark and in no way may the content of the work be offensive, in the broadest sense. In fact, the organizers reserve the right not to accept applications that, at their discretion, do not meet the technical, artistic and/or legal conditions required by the contest, or that contain references or allusions that violate the following principles: right to honor personal and family privacy and one’s own image, respect for the dignity of the person, principle of non-discrimination for reasons of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstance, as well as other principles that may be violated.

4. To participate, each artist must submit:

a. Artistic dossier that may be independent works or be part of a series. The works may not be more than two years old. The actual measurements of the works presented should indicate size (height x width) and a brief description of the works presented should be included. Maximum 1,200 characters.
b. Curriculum vitae indicating the professional career of the artist accompanied by one or more photographs.
c. ID card, passport or residence card in PDF format.
d. Dossier with works from the last five years in PDF format (optional).

5. Artists who have been awarded the BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD in previous years will not be able to participate in this edition.

Mechanics of participation:

6. Participation in the BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD 2023, ART FOR CHANGE will be carried out exclusively through the Internet. People who want to participate must register by sending their application, in a maximum of two PDFs, of no more than 15 MB each, through email to:

7. The timeline for participation of the BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD 2023, ART FOR CHANGE begins on April 15, 2023 (World Art Day) and ends on June 12, 2023 (World Environment Day). No applications will be accepted after this period. The ACBW reserves the right to change or extend these deadlines if it deems it appropriate.

Selected and awarded artists

8. From the applications that are submitted and meet the established requirements, between four and six artists will be selected, and their work will be presented in a group exhibition at Studio Weil, in Port d’Andratx.
9. Two categories of awards are established, which may fall to the same work:

Barbara H. Weil Award 2023, Art for Change
It consists of an invitation for a ten-day residency in New York, which will include
travel expenses, accommodation and a daily stipend. There they will have the opportunity to meet with several gallerists and show them their work, as well as visit the studios of renowned artists who reside in the city. The aim of this award is for the winning artist to get to know the artistic culture of New York, one of the centers of contemporary art worldwide, and to establish a relationship with the city’s artistic community. It will be awarded by the jury.

Audience Award
It consists of a solo exhibition at Studio Weil in spring 2024. It will be awarded by the visiting public to the exhibition.

Any prize may be declared void


10. The jury, made up of artists, gallerists and art curators, will be international in nature. The jury will base its criteria on the general record of the artist, the artistic quality and the commitment of the work to the fight against climate change and its effects.

11. On July 4, 2023, the jury’s decision will be made public. They will choose between four and six artists from among all the candidates, whose work will be part of the group exhibition that will be held at Studio Weil.

The list of artists selected for the award will be published on the website, on the ACBW’s social networks and each one will be personally notified.

12. The names of the winning artists of the 2023 BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD, ART FOR CHANGE AND THE AUDIENCE AWARD 2023 will be announced in early September, at the event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the construction of Studio Weil.

13. The jury’s decision is final.

Transport of the works

14. The transport of the works to Studio Weil and the collection, after the exhibition, will be the responsibility of each artist.

15. The ACBW is not responsible for any deterioration of the works during transport or due to improper packaging.

Assignment of copyright

16. The pre-selected artists authorize ACBW to reproduce, use and disseminate their name and image in any advertising and/or promotional activity aimed at disseminating, reproducing, disseminating, communicating and publicly exploiting the 2023 BARBARA H. WEIL AWARD, ART FOR CHANGE, by any system or support, all without any type of time or territorial limitation and without giving rise to any type of remuneration or consideration.