Rafa Forteza. The Force of Form in Movement

Studio Weil presents an exhibition by the multidisciplinary artist Rafa Forteza (Palma de Mallorca, 1955), whose work has an interesting dialogue with this space, but also with Weil’s work, the artist after whom the Studio is named. And the fact is that Forteza’s work presents an explosively creative approach: it is work that is conceived as an instrument of creativity and experimentation, with aesthetic processes and results as objectives in themselves

The luminous and dynamic strength of the colors and brushstrokes, which build compositions as if they were born or sprout, fills the paintings with a strong contrast between background and form. Often, these merge and become indistinguishable due to the paradoxical abundance of elements, considering minimalism in primary visual resources. 

 As a whole, the works expand beyond themselves so that they vibrate. They contain an energy that seems to hide behind the linearity and the descriptive detail of the forms. The work thus becomes, in Rafa Forteza’s hands, a fluid casing that invites the movement of the gaze, that gives off the sensation of the imminent emergence of something that is secluded, ready to come out. Perhaps it is the very creative energy itself that has made the work possible, which has freed the artist to express himself through it in all its aspects and to use the various supports he knows and has at his disposal. One thing is clear: the gaze cannot stop its scrutiny, pursuing at every corner, trying to break the plastic veil that radiates its profound movement.

Alexandre Roa Casellas